Long Island Exterminating Monthly or Quarterly Services

Long Island is burdened and saturated with many irritating and unwanted critters, including roaches, bed bugs, mice, and rats. In the event your property is infested by mice, roaches, rats or bed bugs, there are several reasons why monthly or quarterly Long Island exterminator services are necessary in order to prevent pest and/or wildlife intrusions. All houses and properties are different in many ways. Roach and bed bug infestations might start out small but can progress over time if left untreated by a Long Island or Huntington area exterminator.

Many insects and wildlife such as German Cockroaches, Mice or Rats are carriers of many diseases. Microscopic parasites and organisms can be found in their fecal matter, as well as on their bodies, which can be exposed to humans and can cause you or your family members to become sick. In addition, one pair of mice can reproduce and multiply at an expedient rate. This can jeopardize the heath, safety and well being of you, your family and your neighbors. Female German cockroaches can produce one egg capsule every 20 days. Each capsule can contain up to 50 eggs. Carpenter Ants can cause major structural damage to your home when an infestation is not addressed and multiple satellite nests are permitted to form.

Long Island Exterminating customers are educated about the potential health risks of certain pest infestations and are provided efficient and effective procedures to eliminate problems before they intensify. Our monthly pest elimination programs are the most up-to-date and effective programs available on Long island and the Five Boroughs.
If you need roach and bed bug extermination, or mice and rat control, contact Long Island Exterminating Co. today. Now serving Long Island, Huntington, and the greater NYC area.