Long Island Pest Control Services

Long Island Exterminating Co., Inc Pest Control Services:

Long Island Exterminating Co., Inc., provides a wide array of pest control services to treat and eliminate your pest infestation problems in Long Island and Huntington. Our exterminators specialize in termites, bed bugs, bee and wasp removal, bird removal, rodent removal and prevention, and general pest control and prevention techniques and applications for residential and commercial properties, including food establishments. Our Long Island pest control company will customize a comprehensive monthly/quarterly pest control service designed to resolve your bed bug, termite, or other problems and to protect your home, family and pets. We provide emergency Huntington and Long Island area pest control services and are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Long Island Exterminating utilizes top of the line equipment and techniques to exterminate termites and bed bugs, as well as registered New York State chemicals and application methods, for resolving and eliminating your pest control issues. Our licensed, highly experienced and educated technicians specialize in all areas within the pest and animal control industry.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM):

Long Island Exterminating Co. utilizes non-toxic baits and "green" chemicals as safe alternatives to remove unwanted pests like bed bugs and termites. Our technicians are highly skilled in preventive cultural practices, as well as comprehensive monitoring by regular observation.

Termite Control Services:

Termites cause billions of dollars worth of damages each year. Termites primarily feed on wood, but also damage living trees, shrubs, paper, books, insulation and even swimming pool liners and filtration systems. While buildings may become infested at any time, termites are of particular importance when buying or selling a home since a termite inspection/infestation report is normally a condition of sale. Notwithstanding the financial impact of having termites, thousands of winged termites emerging inside one's home are an emotionally trying experience. In order to eliminate these wood eating creatures, a baiting and inception system from a licensed Long Island termite exterminator is imperative.

Rodent Control Services:

Long Island Exterminating inspects the interior and exterior of the property to determine access and place of entry of the rodent. After finding the source of entry, we set bait traps, live snap traps or both, around the vicinity, in order to eliminate uninvited guests, to protect your property.

If you have a bed bug, termite, or pest control problem and need a qualified exterminator to discuss treatment and prevention in Long Island or the Huntington area, contact Long Island Exterminating Co. today.